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Athens Community Televison, Inc.

ACTV is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that, since 2006, has given Athens "Your Access, To Access."  Our mission is to provide individuals, organizations, agencies, institutions, and groups from our community the facilities, training and equipment necessary to produce quality television programs and to serve as a community forum that empowers all citizens to learn, create and express their ideas through local media.

As the original form of social media, ACTV provides the training, equipment and facilities for local residents to create their very own non-commercial local cable TV programs. Last year alone ACTV's members created over 400 new local tv programs for and about the Athens area.


ACTV also, gives members the ability to share their local cable TV programs on YouTube.  Last year member produced programming that was shared on YouTube had 7,120 views which equalled 1,788 hours watched.

ACTV operates in the City of Athens, Ohio on Time Warner Cable. Our studio is located in The Morrison Center at 507 Richalnd Avenue, Suite 100.


You can watch ACTV on Time Warner Cable (Athens) channels 9 and 96-104.